My Bali Experience

A lot of people say that Bali is a life changing experience and that is totally true in my case.  But let me first of all summarize the key facts about Bali…

Bali is a wonderful island in the west of Indonesia and located in-between of Java and Lombok.  It is the only Hindu-island of Indonesia and religion plays a big roll in the Balinese culture and life. With a population of 4.2 millions it is the home of the Hindu minority of Indonesia. You will find beautiful Hindu temples all over the island and little offerings on mostly every corner of the streets.


Bali has a lot to offer for everybody from beautiful beaches, to cultural experiences in the amazing Hindu temples, unique shopping botiques and fantastic restaurants for foodies, like I am.

The locals are lovely, kind and generous and the whole Island has a special vibe of spirituality. Maybe thats why Bali is often called „The Island of Gods“.

I can honestly say that there is no place in the world where I felt safer than in Bali as the criminal rate is the lowest in the world. So I can definitely recommend  Bali for female single travelers. The people believe in karma. That means that the action of an individual has influence on the future of that individual so people treat each other in a respectful and kind way.

Bali is the perfect mix of relaxation, culture, design and nature at it´s best. You can stay at luxurious spas and retreats for small money or explore the island on a road trip as I did. There are a lot of really nice meditation and yoga retreats in Ubud but I preferred to keep my eyes on the road. It was a humble and mind changing experience and I´m thankful for every minute.

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