Tel Aviv´s Street Art

The streets of Tel Aviv are full of color and a graffiti tour through the street of Florentine and Neve Tzedek are a great way to explore the city. The neigborhood of Florentine is a really young and hip part of Tel Aviv. There are lots of cafés and bars which are surrounded by streets full of varios art pieces.


Some of the street´s art pieces are political motivated and hold social and political messages, others are just amazing pieces of colorful art which you can explore with guided tours or just on your own by wandering through the streets.


The styles of the graffiti are totally various and some are even painted by well known artists. A guided tour through the streets is a cool way to explore the city. But I decided to walk by my own as guided tours sometimes get exhausting and overloaded. I often just love to enjoy the vibes of a city by strolling through the busy streets and observing locals doing their daily things.


What I really loved about Tel Aviv is that you are automatically part of the city no matter where you from, as the city and its locals are a mix of cultures, religions and languages. And as the walls of Florentine show, sometimes you do not even have to speak the same language to understand the massage.

Let me know what you think about Tel Aviv´s street art down below.


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