What to do in Tel Aviv….

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city and there is plenty to do and to explore. The best part is that you don´t even have to spend a Shekel for most of the activities.

1. Beach Life

Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean Sea and has a 13 kilometer (ca. 8 miles) long beach. The beach is really clean and you can´t go wrong no matter where you put your towel. The water is clear and and not deep as you have to go 100 meters till you come upon deep water. Maybe thats why you will find a lot of families with their kids playing at the beach. But you should be careful as the Mediterranean Sea can get vigorous, too.

Moreover you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach. Just grab your towel and make sure to bring a beverage of your choice.

The beach is really beautiful and one can claim that it gives the city this certain vibe of L.A, really relaxed and chilled. When you are planning to visit Tel Aviv make sure to take of some days at the beach but don’t forget your sunscreen.

2. Hayarkon Park

The Hayarkon Park is the central park of  Tel Aviv and really beautiful. You can wander trough the green fields, have a picknick with your family or go jogging if your are more of a „Sporty Spice“. The grean lung of the city is really popular with the locals and tourists. The park is named after the Yarkon River which flows through it. It was created in 1973 and has 16. millions visitors every year.

There is plenty to do as you will find a 45-foot high climbing wall known as “Olympus,”  a basketball field, a rollerblading court and trampolines. The rollerblades and basketballs can be rented so you don’t have to pack your own.

All in all Hayarkon Park is a great way to spend your afternoon, to relax or to find some shade during a hot summer day.

3. Old Jaffa

Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv with its mediterranean harbor and it´s located in the southend of Tel Aviv. Nowadays Jaffa is one of Tel Aviv´s vibrating hotspots with its flew market in the daytime and various restaurants and bars in the night. I totally fell in love with this amazing part of the city. You can visit the old harbor or walk through the narrow streets of the oldest part of the city. There are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants where you can have traditional food or Europeans cuisine.

The shops have a lot to offer as the hipster audience is young and all kind of people and all kind of styles are part of the scene. I loved the flew market which is located in the Olei Zion St. It is open six days a week, from Sunday through Friday and the place to go if you are looking for unique items. Vendors are selling antiques, hand crafted products and second-hand items. Somehow it reminded me of a curiosity cabinet as you can find everything from old chairs, to beautiful buttons, to jewelry and so on and so on….

Make sure that you schedule some time as there is plenty to see.

4. Free Walking Tours

There are a lot of free walking tours in Tel Aviv and it is a great way to explore the city by feed. I highly recomment the free walking tour of SANDMAN´s new Europe because they are really fun and informative at the same time. You can sign up for a tour online on their website. Moreover there are a free walking tours offered by the city . One of it is called „From Old Tel Aviv To The „White City“ and shows the impressive development of Tel Aviv, from a small neighborhood to the proclaimed UNESCO world heritage of the Bauhaus architecture.

5.  Exploring Street Art

If your are not the type of person who likes to visit museums with their dusty paintings , go and check out the hip and inspiring street art of Tel Aviv. You will find amazing art in the streets of Neve Tzedek and Florentine. Some of the street art pieces are political motivated and hold social and political messages, others are just amazing pieces of colorful art which you can explore with guided tours or just on your own by wandering through the streets.

The graffitis are so various and the special vibe of the city would not be same without them. So don’t forget to bring your camera as most of the street art is really memorable.


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